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OBaeBae offers a platform that provides quality speed dating service where every participant is guided and undergoes a background check. However, it enables prospective partners secure a trusting ground to meet one on one. Each partner has the opportunity to request a special and effective background check on any three partners of their choice for quality assurance in order to meet the specific demands.


This is the ability to pair two as one. In other words , the essence of matchmaking is to reconnect two counseled participant to fit each other’s criteria. That is ,after proper consultation has been carried out by our qualified psychologist / relationship expert. It is a package that can be requested by participants who are willing to go further in finding a soul mate . That being said, our strategy at OBaeBae enables us make decisions based on a discrete level and to secure both parties with similar interest before recommendation is done.


It is a service envisioned by Obaebae to meet clients satisfaction and standard . Hence the reason we stand out in the crowd. From our past experiences as individuals, we have tried a lot of things by ourselves without involving a professional help and learnt probably the hard way before realizing it. Our vision here is to provide therapy services that enhances the clients way of reasoning and elevates the ability to think positive while in search of a healthy relationship or already in a relationship.


At OBaeBae , we offer counseling service to our clients,because here at OBaeBae there is a standard created to organize an interactive website where people can benefit from well trained counselors either as individuals or groups. Everyone at OBaeBae has the opportunity to learn and grow in wisdom as well as get proper counseling either on one on one basis or via Skype with our well trained professional counselors. We also offer corporate empowerment & motivation for organizations who require counseling for its members of staff and management team. OBaeBae Dating and MatchMaking have carved a niche where we can apply professionalism in every aspect of life, one of which includes the major factor called Relationship.