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Frequently Asked Questions

It works by registering with your email as a member and creating an interesting profile that well describes you as a member of the Obaebae community platform and then you can start searching and speed dating.
As many that are registered in your location and all over the world because the Obaebae platform is not restricted and enables you to see members beyond your location with the search button.
With the help of a proper background check carried out on members, then you are sure to meet genuine dates, matches and a real community such as Obaebae. All you need do is check out the profile of your match and start communicating and making friends.
You can find some features like messaging, chats ,likes ,follow and other means that makes communication fun with other members on the site.
It can be done by selecting the package that best soothes you as there are varieties of services that enables you to subscribe on a monthly and quarterly payment plan that we have created to serve your needs.
Signing up is brief and less than five minutes but maintaining a profile may take longer as our team runs a check before profile is approved after which you can maintain profile for as long as you want it on the platform
Be Brief and genuine ,upload a suitable and genuine bio and pictures that describes your essence on the platform.
The Obaebae platform represents genuineness and transparency, so members bio is made available on their wall or using the search criteria , it can also be restricted until subscription is done on request.
Unanswered messages do not pose as a personal rejection. Instead, consider that you are pursuing matches with compatible desires as u. You can boost your profile through bio and suitable pictures and as long as you subscribe as a member you will definitely get response if we put you through our recommendation plan, All you need do is request.
No but there are limits and standard to what can be uploaded on the platform.
There is a room where you can search members on the Obaebae platform with names and you can follow them or send a friend request.
Payments are done with credit cards / transfers however if you visit the Obaebae corporate office, You can pay with cash and get a receipt of payment after consultation
As long as you register, you are become a member but to access our various packages, it attracts a fee which qualifies you to be a subscriber.
There is a box beneath the login page, where you can click on forgot password and you will be referred to your email to reset your password and retrieve.
Click on the support package on the site and you will be duly responded to via the provided links for further details.
Start by registering and creating a profile on the Obaebae platform as well as subscribing to the match making & recommendation package to start meeting people.
Counseling helps those looking for support and treatment for a wide range of mental health and emotional issues. counseling tends to tackle problems at the time of the crises
That can be explicitly stated by our counselors/experts depending on areas concerned
Yes it is , our clients details and information are discrete and kept confidential.
That is solely decided by the agreement, terms and conditions of the counselor and counselee. But on rare cases appointments are rescheduled when needful
Yes, it attracts a fee as stated on our packages , it is usually per sessions but Obaebae has put a quarterly fee to ascertain as many sessions that may be needful in that period
Yes .Our counselors/expert are available online and can also engage in skype
Counseling can help with a quite number of challenges amongst which are behaviors ,emotions,career,mentorship,weight loss,reorientation,Psychology, relationships and lots more
At Obaebae, our counselors are well educated professionals and Psychologists .We are trained as relationship analyst as well as experts both home and abroad and our effectiveness and efficiency is unhidden as you would testify to that after meeting with us