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How To Get Into a Relationship

Most times we find ourselves getting into relationships unexpectedly, sometimes unprepared,
or sometimes because we think we need to fill a void after being jilted (rebound). You will
notice that going into a relationship for the wrong reasons usually ends up in an avoidable
disaster, which leaves us in a terrible emotional state. That is why we want to teach you how
to avoid those pitfalls.

Here are few things to do before getting into a relationship.

• Know Yourself Well: This is the first and most important thing one needs to do before
getting into a relationship. Knowing yourself will enable you understand why you do certain
things. Most people find this out by themselves by following behavioral patterns but it is
advised that you seek the help of a skilled psychologist to do that. This doesn’t only help in
relationships but also in the way you are able to relate with people around you. 
• Get Rid of The Baggage: like one of our famous musicians says “leave trash for lawma”,
Yes , you can never go far in a new relationship by carrying all the hurts and pains from your
previous relationship to the new one. Every guy or girl are not the same, everyone deserves a
chance to prove his or herself. See your new relationship as a slate that has been wiped clean,
now you have the chance to write a better story on your new slate.
• Why do You Want a Relationship: ask yourself a sincere question, why do I want to be in a
relationship? When you have successfully answered this question, then you can set your
priorities right. Relationships are supposed to be a fair exchange or call it, give and take.
Make sure your expectations are very reasonable so your partner can measure up to it.
• Be Approachable: This point goes out to the ladies especially, I remember going out to a
function that was meant for singles and saw this very elegantly dressed beautiful young lady
who was seated alone, apparently she was a single lady, but what intrigued me was the
gloomy look all over her face, but for some weird reason I walked up to her and struck up a
conversation with her and funny enough she was actually welcoming. Who could have
known, My point is that most guys will be afraid to approach this lady, because of the
gloomy and stern look she wore. But if she smiled a little, there will be lots of guys trying to
hit on her, so my point exactly ladies and gentle men, wear a smile and be approachable.
• Be Available: You cannot be in your room and expect to find a partner there, okay unless
you are online on Nigerians first legitimate dating site …LOL. But seriously
ladies and gentle men you have to be sociable, go to meaningful social gatherings, parties,
concerts, places where you can meet people who could be likely dates, have fun, be seen, be
well dressed and again always be approachable.
• Emit The kind of Vibe You Want to Attract: Whenever you come across like-minds,
subconsciously there is usually a kind of attraction that takes place, which is because People
naturally get attracted to energy they give out to the their environment. So if there is an
attribute you like in people, try to emit it too, you might just attract the right vibe.