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Do Physically Attractive People get all the Breaks

Dating is a give and take. If you only see it as “taking,” you are not getting it. Henry cloud
The benefit of beauty starts early. Beautiful children are liked more by adults and classmates.
They stand to get away with mischievous behaviors.

Now the question is, how do physical appearances affect the dating and matching process?
If you ask your friends, classmates, colleagues… what they look for in a girlfriend or
boyfriend, they will probably tell you that their first priority is to find someone who is cute,
intelligent, friendly and sincere. Take it with a grain of salt. When confronted with real life
situations, these people are most likely to base their dating choices on physical attributes
rather than on their personal characteristics. Perhaps they are just fooling themselves.
Educated and enlightened individuals feel they would be seen as superficial if they admit to
looks first and personality second.

Before we examine the evidence, a word of caution is due. There are few areas of human
interaction where hypocrisy is practiced as often as in the area of dating and matching. What
they really like and what they are far apart whenever people are interrogated about their
dating patterns.

One study on physical attractiveness and dating preferences involved a computer dating
dance. Fresh undergraduates at a university purchased tickets to a dance for which a
computer would find them a date. Actually, there was no computer and the students were
paired randomly. When the students picked up their tickets, the physical attractiveness of the
subjects was rated by a panel of judges. In the middle of the evening the music was stopped
so that the social psychologists could pass out questionnaires. The questionnaires asked how
well the students liked their dates and whether they wanted to see the dates again. Both men
and women who had attractive dates liked them most and wanted future interaction with
them. These findings came as a surprise. In dating situation, you might expect people who are
equally attractive to pair up. In the computer dating study this is not how it worked out;
everyone wanted to pair up with the most attractive participants. Perhaps the reason that the
subjects did not prefer dates with appearances they judged equal to their own was because
there was no possibility of rejection. In the real world, their maybe as greater chance of been
turned down if you pursue the home coming queen than if you ask the girl next door.

To check this out a second computer study was set up. This time they had the opportunity to
meet their date before the dance and to indicate how they find their prospective dates
attractive. They also knew that their dates will be rating them too. When the possibility for
rejection existed, preferences tended to be greatest for people of equal attractiveness.
Although we are most attracted to the most beautiful members of the opposite sex we can
access our own attractiveness and pursue someone who is equally as attractive as we are.
In conclusion, its obvious beauty wins. Everybody now uses filters and Photoshop to look
good and attractive. Compare a girl who didn’t know the advantage of makeup and filters

having just 10 followers and feeble likes , now fast forward five years later with Instagram,
snap chat filters and make up she has a million followers. Even guys are not left out; the gym
business is growing greatly as well.